Our experienced plumbing team can deliver all your requirements in domestic and commercial plumbing and drainage. We complete new build and renovation fit outs as well as carry out maintanence and emergency plumbing for domestic as well as commercial and industrial clients. We are IQP qualified for backflow prevention testing, and our drainage camera helps solve those underground mysteries that are clogging up your drains and sewer lines!  



Commercial and Domestic

New Build and Renovations

Full drainage and pipe-fitouts for new build and renovations

Full Bathrooms, En Suites, Kitchens and Spa Pools.

Backflow Prevention

IQP Certified

A requirement for some commercial and industrial buildings.

If your building has a Building Warrant of Fitness that requires a Backflow Preventer, we are certified to both install and conduct annual inspections.

Emergency & Maintainence

Leaks and Blockages

Residential, Industrial and Commercial. Not only do we deal with leaky taps and pipes, blocked loos and drains for residential customers; we also carry out emergency and maintenance plumbing for many of Taupo's rental companies, motel/hotels and other large property holders. We have a a drainage camera with 120m reach & fully recordable video

Installation & Repair

Fireplace & Wetback

Fireplace/wetback installation and flue replacement/repair

We can install your fireplace and/or wetback. We can maintain your flue and flue replacement/repair

Spouting, roofing and flashing repairs

Leaky Roof?

We can investigate your leaky roof and provide repairs to Spouting, roofing and flashing

Commercial Plumbing in Taupo

We are proud to have completed numerous commercial projects for many clients in the Great Lake Taupo Area.